We're Couch Jackets! :) Hunter Law - plays drums - Ben Eslick - bass, sings - Brennan Leeds - guitar, vox and - Harry Glaeser on - keys -. Molly Wheat took these photos ~ Our friends say Couch Jackets is progressive psych rock with a groove ~ that it sounds like an alligator's eating us. Drop us a line anytime! 

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Previous events

Couch Jackets @ Creek Fest 2016

Moore Outdoors, 3827 SR 167 West, Dover, Arkansas

Thanks to everyone at CreekFest 2016 for adding us to this amazing lineup. We will play twice this weekend, once at the Early Bird Show as an opener for our friends in Whole Famn Damily and again on Saturday evening around the show time of our friends Jamie Lou & the Hullaballoo. Hope Everyone can come out to this fun weekend of live music!

May 26th - 29th 2016

Thursday 26th

*** Early Bird Campfire Show ***

The Whole Famn Damily 8:00 PM

Friday 27th

Little Buffalo River Band 6:00 – 7:30 PM

RC and The Racers 7:50 – 9:20 PM Flocomotiv 9:40 – 11:20 PM The 1oz. Jig 11:40 – 1:30 PM Saturday 28th Poor Ol’ Uncle Fatty 3:00 – 4:30 PM Jamie Lou and The Hullabaloo 4:50 – 6:20 PM Sad Daddy 6:40 – 8:10 PM Mudhawk 8:30 – 10:00 PM *** Split Lip Rayfield *** 10:30 -12 PM **Late Night Show** Magnolia Brown 12:45 - TBD

Sunday 29th

Brian Martin 3:00 – 4:30 PM The Hard Cider Boys 4:50 – 6:20 PM Big Still River 6:40 – 8:10 PM The Whole Famn Damily 8:30 – 10:00 PM Jeff Kearney’s Call of Commotion 10:20 – 11:50 PM Arkansauce 12:10 – 1:30 AM

Jams on Big Piney

Big Piney, 3827 SR 164 West, Dover Arkansas

Jam House Collective and Grouv Therapi productions are coming together to bring you a fantastic show at Moore Oudoors Campground on Big Piney Creek! We have a lot of stellar artists for you guys to see! We will be showing some of the best Reggae, Psychedelic, Southern, and Alternative Rock out of Arkansas! Be sure to bring friends and good vibes. Admission is $10 and the show starts at 7P.M!

Come out and see:

Couch Jackets Post Keif Glam Pysch out of Russellville https://www.facebook.com/couchjackets/?fref=ts https://couchjackets.bandcamp.com/

Andrew Raines and the Paradigms Good Ol' Southern Rock out of Conway https://www.facebook.com/arparadigms/?fref=ts

Drenched Chill Shoegaze Jams out of Conway https://daxisdrenched.bandcamp.com/

Arkansas Groundscore Rad Reggae out of Fayetteville https://www.facebook.com/arkansasgroundscore/?fref=ts

Landrest Vibey Alt Rock out of Hot Springs https://landrest.bandcamp.com/

Altogether we love our music and the good times that come along with it... Along with great music and fun comes great responsibility and some rules. Respectfully here they are... No Pets are allowed Glass of any kind will not be permitted Underage drinking is strictly prohibited No illegal substances All sales are final Do not build new fire rings Unauthorized vending of merchandise and food is not permitted Foot traffic only inside the gate Respect all event staff & security. Your safety is our concern! You will be asked to leave if you do not, no refund & no re-entry! Respect your neighbor! Treat others as you would want to be treated!

Couch Jackets with Mad Doctors & King Bad Dog

The Cavern (ThurberDome), 316 W. B Street, Russellville, Arkansas 72801

Impromptu show full of amazingness to get your week going, to keep you pumped before finals, to make you happy you live in Russellville, or just to entertain your socks off.


They came here once! And now they're here twice! It wasn't going to happen, but thank the weather gods that they had to detour by way of us. THEY'RE AMAZING. Really.


The medium through which the great divine sends messages. Learn the language of loud howls. Snap and snarl at the heels of the overlords while hording crumbs for nefarious purposes.

COUCH JACKETS (Here and There)

If you haven't heard them play yet, you HAVE to. Couch Jackets put a wiggle in your hips and a smile on your face. Listening to them is like making new friends. Can music make you nostalgic for experiences you've never had?

Couch Jackets with Luca and Drenched

The Black Orange, 1205 Front Street , Conway, Arkansas

For those who have been looking for more music in Conway, as well as a stronger local arts scene in general, and events that cater more to those who enjoy laidback melodic rock, then this is the night for you.

LUCA from College Station, Texas are coming through Conway on Monday the 18th to grace The Black Orange with some cuts from their upcoming album "When it Comes to You, I Do Things the Hard Way", out April 23rd. Local support by Black Orange favorites, Drenched and Couch Jackets.

LUCA: Formed in 2013 in College Station, Texas and have been making strides locally ever since. This April they overtake a small tour in support of their new album. Check out their latest single and other recordings at http://thebandluca.bandcamp.com/

D R E N C H E D: Moderate melodic rock with a twist of midwest emo, fuzz, chorus, reverb, and psych. Conway locals beginning to make a name for themselves. !NOW AVAILABLE AS A 5 PIECE! Come check out their new line-up and new tunes, and listen to some dated recordings at: www.soundcloud.com/drenchedd

Couch Jackets: If you've been to a show at BO (lol), then you have seen these guys. They kill it every time with their funky, harmonious, rock fusion jams. And they are some of the nicest guys around. Check out their new song "Feedle" as well as other recordings at: https://couchjackets.bandcamp.com/

Starts at 8, covers is $3 at the door starting at 7:30, or $5 dollars after 9. So get there early!!

Couch Jackets w Landrest, Hawtmess & Spirit Cuntz

The Cavern (ThurberDome), 316 W. B Street, Russellville, Arkansas 72801

It just keeps happening. Things. Things to do in this town. That's right! It's another show!

LANDREST (Hot Springs)

Let Rebecca sing your socks off while her husband makes you wiggle and jiggle to his bass lines. They're groovy and smooth, just like your favorite potato chips.



What do you do when your couch is too cold? You give it a jacket, silly! Come to The Cavern to get your very own Couch Jacket! That's right. FREE Couch Jackets. You'll thank me, the couch, the Cavern and the makers of the original, as-seen-on-tv Couch Jackets. Now in luxurious blanched almond and bavarian dream.

https://couchjackets.bandcamp.com/ www.couchjackets.com


Noisy, dancy, and fun, Hawtmess contains members from Lame Johnny, and a few beautiful additions. I haven't heard them yet, so let's all wait in antici-- https://www.facebook.com/hawtmessband/


/spɪrət kəntz/ Noun. 1. The juju from a talented, creative, and/or brilliant woman that you wish to channel through a specific activity and/or in daily life. 2. The juju that you channel that is reminiscent of a Great Woman; you cannot determine this yourself; your personal Spirit Cunt must be granted by those that know you best and can discern the juju that you channel.



No touring band for this show but we have some out-of-towners and let's try and give them some gas money for coming out!

Sooooooo, as always: No creeps No jerks Respect the space Respect each other Donations will be taken at the door. If you got it, spread the love, folks.


Jam House Collective Presents: Couch Jackets with Drenched & Motherfunkship

The Black Orange, 1205 Front Street , Conway, Arkansas

Jam House is teaming up with The Black Orange to bring the jams again! The show starts at 9:00

We're trying to raise some money so the BO can tear down a wall and make more space for a bigger venue! There will be a cover charge of 3$, or 5$ for two if you bring a friend!

Featuring: Couch Jackets- psych punkfunk poprocks with a shot of goat cheese https://jamhousecollective.bandcamp.com/track/couch-jackets-foo-choo-mama www.couchjackets.com

Drenched- Dreamy smooth jamz https://soundcloud.com/drenchedd

Motherfunkship-jazzy funk dudes https://www.facebook.com/motherfunkship/


Couch Jackets with Lume / Drenched / Lush Workers

The COM#, 909 Madison Ave, Little Rock, Arkansas

LUME: A three piece from Chicago bringing some hard hitting, sludgely, dreamy post-rock/post-hardcore. They are on tour promoting the release of their new album "Perennial Phase", check it out here: https://lume.bandcamp.com/

DRENCHED: Conway 3 (hopefully 4 by showtime) piece Ted Nugent cover band coming at you with some new material, ready to hit FASTER, STRONGER, and HARDER than ever before. https://soundcloud.com/drenchedd

LUSH WORKERS: New project emerging from the depths of Little Rock. Working hard and taking care of business (Bandcamp pending)

Couch Jackets: The funkiest mutha fuxers to play in a while, now with keys and an 81 piece orchestra. www.couchjackets.com


Four bands, show starts at 9 no bullshit. Show up with $ for the touring acts or some sort of tangible compensation if possible (food&liqour). No Jerk Zone in full effect.


Couch Jackets opening for The Accidentals

KXIO 106.9 FM Coffee House - Jody's Place, College Avenue, Clarksville, Arkansas 72830

The Accidentals, the hottest unsigned band in America, stop off for a special show on their way to a big week at SXSW in Austin. They've played over 300 shows in the last two years and will blow you away with their awesome folk rock originals and twisted, instrument switching covers.

Age limit: All ages

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