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  1. Mr. Mojojojo


Mr. Mojo's on the horizon
surfing the spin of the stars
deceived at first by their magnetic gravitude

for at closer observation
they seemed immensely stellar
ever unswallowed by the nova's
of a friend they call
a neighbor
of a friend on the run

though their core's a warm place
their surface screams fire
destined to choke on the ash as it clogs every hole
and seeps like a sweat

We're so thankful that you're listening to our new EP, “Sincerely, Swimtrunks.” In order to help you better understand the underlying concept and meaning behind it, we'd encourage you to examine the links you'll find in the lyrics of each song. As well, check out our first EP, “Doldrum Dreams”. The two complete EP's represent the struggle to find life’s purpose, an exploration to apathy and back, “Doldrum Dreams” being the internalization of irrelevance, and “Sincerely Swimtunks” an attempt to reinvent life’s motivations. We hope that you too can find solace in our examination and auditory expression of one of life’s biggest questions! =)

Utmost thanks to everyone who helped us make this record. Thanks to Darian Stribling for helping us track so much of this, Jordan Trotter for mastering, Molly Wheat and Ben Drain for their help on Rocket Quaffle, our best friend and roommate Jaren Evans for supporting and aiding at every turn, Jacob "Bubby" Phillips and Reed Gotcher for offering to let us use some of their recording equipment, Jeremy Buethe for letting us use the bass line he wrote for Mr. Mojojojo, Chris Sloan for his comedic lines, and to the rest our families and loved ones most of all.

released October 15, 2016

Music, Lyrics by: Couch Jackets
Recorded at: Blue Chair in Austin, AR
Mastered by: Jordan Trotter of Lockheed Sound